Clan Of The Night

Welcome To The Clan--

Welcome, and thank you for choosing to visit us here at DarkClan.

Have any questions, concerns,comments,ect.?

Contact one of our Administrators: Feral, Ghost, Batman, or Terror.

We would be happy to speak with you. 

Important; Please Read--

NEXT MEETING: June 10th at 8 PM Eastern time

Please contact an administrator if you can not make it. 


DarkClan has just recently been revived. We know the website still needs to be updated, reworked, and fixed. Please be patient as we take care of these things.

There are various important posts that have been made in the Forums. They should be read by all members, old or new.

Thank you for your support.

About DarkClan--

DarkClan is a former army, previously known as Darkfall's army. They have decided to give up their dark, murderous ways and became a clan. Things seem peaceful, but will we be able to stay away from the temptations of the darkness? Help us on our journey to make things right.

Clan News




New-leaf has finally come to the forest. Flowers are in fresh bloom, and everything is turning green again. There has been light rain and cool breezes, but mostly sunshine.


Need a ceremony performed? Contact Paintedstar!

Congratulations everyone!

-Sandpaw has been made a warrior, his new name being Sandclaw.

-Necromancersoul has been made an elder.


Have news to report? Contact an administrator!

-Batwraith's brother, Owlphantom, has made an appearance.

-Lucifer has returned to DarkClan.

-Adderscorch has come back, under his new name, Joker.

-Next Meeting: June 10th, 8 PM Eastern Time. If you cannot make it, please contact an administrator.

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